To Breed or Not To Breed?

There has always been the argument to breed or not to breed dogs for years. It seems evermore popular these last few years what with all the dog shows and money people seem to be making from breeding these top pedigree dogs. However is there such a thing as having a loving family pet and being a responsible breeder of that dog at the same time?.

Many owners find the companionship of their dog so rewarding that they feel they would like to breed their dog, to continue the bloodline and/or to keep a puppy. Others, especially first time dog owners, will acquire a female dog with the intent to breed her when she is old enough.

Whatever the reason, there are certain important considerations you should think about before embarking upon any breeding program.

A lot of people will say not to breed your dog as pure breed dogs can have more health issues long term. This is true to some degree, but i think it's more breed specific really. A responsible breeder will always breed with another pure breed health issue free stud/bitch. Yes this does not garuentee that there won't be health issues down the line, but they are helping to combat this as much as possible.

As an small time breeder of pugs myself i lucky have kept with strict guidelines when choosing a stud for my girl and her health and well being comes before and money making or litter. She has had 2 litters which i thing is more than enough for and family pet and i wouldn't let her have anymore. each pup has only been sold to people who are looking for a pet not to breed and they are vetted and kept in touch with along the way.

I do however understand there are so so many rescue dogs looking for homes and i myself have only ever had rescue dogs all my life up until Fizzgig. It sometimes unfortunetley comes down to the individual circumstances when choosing breed pedigree over rescue. I have a toddler and 100% had to have a dog that was good with small children and raised from a pup in my home.

Breeding can be very big business when done correctly, but it can also be very emotional, time consuming, stressful and loss making at times. I would say to think very carefully before considering going down a breeding or studding path it should never be about money as that doesn't always happen and the animals well fair and care should be put above anything.